A Decentralized Event Knowledge Graph Protocol

Build on Blast

UPTO3 is now live on Blast mainnet.

Why are consensus events necessary

The Web3 events we see on social media are fragmented, centralized, non-transparent, and non-open data

Upto3 is the first platform that turns events into NFTs and provides consensus verification. On Upto3, you can mint and verify events, with your actions being rewarded based on the results.

  • Event as an NFT

    Provide a unique and verifiable record of every event

  • Bounty

    The bounty is part of the protocol

  • Open data

    Allow public access to information and make data freely available to all

  • Transparent

    Anyone can access and view the data on the blockchain

  • No bias

    Use economic incentives to encourage rational analysis and correct bias

  • Permissionless

    Permissionless access and participation without central authority or third-party needed

  • Event minted as NFT

    The event will be released as an NFT. Consensus on events will be achieved through verification

  • Verify To Earn

    Decentralized validators perform verification tasks to receive token rewards

  • Ranking rewards

    Features of Blast (L2), all gas generated by verification will enter the reward pool


Launch Date

UPTO3 will be built on Blast(L2). The project launch will coincide with the mainnet launch of Blast, which is scheduled for Februaryfollowing the testnet launch in January.



After the launch of Blast mainnet, we will distribute airdrop rewards to Blast users and UPTO3 community contributors.